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One-stop Integrated Properties Investment Services


Expose your properties to Wider Market

APAD ensures that you only receive the best up to date authentic information. As your strategic partner, we want to ensure that you only invest when you are ready so that you invest with confidence. We provide exceptional level of services through quality residential properties investment and fact-driven recommendations. Unlike other property companies, we do not receive or accept any kickbacks, secret commissions or rebates from any of our strategic partners.

Buy Into Future Property Value

Buying an off-the-plan property means signing a contract to purchase a property that is yet to be built. One of the many good reasons for buying an off-the-plan property is that a buyer can lock down the current property value. With our systematic analysis and approach, buyers can expect an increase in property value when their property is completed.



Investment Return with High Consistent Yield

APAD does not only oversee your property investment strategy. By engaging our property management arm to look after your property, we take care of your monthly rental collection, building maintenance, insurance, all tenant-related issues and the provision of bank statements. This ensures that the only major decision you will have to deal with, is the best time to let go your property at your target market value. To this end, we will remain with you as your strategic partner, to ensure the achievement of your investment goals.

Accounting & Tax Advice

For accounting and taxation advice, our recommended accountant / tax broker can assist with your Australian taxation needs. The Australian tax year end is 30 June and income tax returns need to be lodged with the Australian Taxation Office (ATO). We will also further explain your options as non-residents for taxation purposes if you are receiving rental income from your Australian properties.



Australia Migration

All migration agents are required to register with the Office of the Migration Agents Registration Authority (Office of the MARA). We recommend a registered Australian migration agent should you wish to explore the possibilities of migrating to Australia.