Why Choose APAD

Invest with Confidence

Why Invest with APAD






APAD prides itself in careful selection of premium properties from Australia’s reputable developers. We not only do the research on market info, but personally carry out site inspections and negotiations with the developer to access the actual facts of the properties’ development. Our focus is ensure future capital growth for our clients.

Generally, we evaluate all criteria that will affect the price of the properties as listed in below:

  • Development Characteristics, Property unique selling points, zoning, pricing, stamp duty, history of building site / overall land usage
  • Developer Reputation evaluation based on track record, completion time frames & success of past projects
  • Surrounding Neighbourhood, next to/ close to, distance to CBD / amenities I.E trains station, trams, schools, shopping mall
  • Population density, level of access to fundamental infrastructure like hospital, higher level education institute, Police Station
  • Statistics & Trends Demographics, vacancy rates, rental market & rates, historical & potential price growth & capital growth, current economic climate, density of development & surroundings
  • Legislation Government initiatives & future planning, Urban renewal
  • Target market residing in the development / surroundings, income background, industry of work

Invest with Confidence

why-us-2Look at properties that meets all your requirements
why-us-8Identify properties not yet available to the public
why-us-9Analyse whether neighbourhoods is set to increase in value
why-us-6Negotiate on your behalf to ensure the best purchase price
why-us-5Provide assistance with mortgages, insurance, inspections
why-us-1Identify investment opportunities that will produce between 7-15% yield

why-us-3Assist in negotiating land purchase cost for builder in order to reduce the property building cost